Books About Naturism

I enjoy reading books about Naturism and Nudists.I have read some that are written quite tastefully. I also enjoy the periodicals I subscribe to and the first time stories and experiences many publish.

Running Around Naked

One of our favorite books on nudism we read recently is "Running Around Naked" by Jelaine Lombardi. Jelaine's memoir is a great first-person account of growing up at the Seminole nudist camp in Florida that her parents bought and...

Newcomers to nudism

The Complete Guide to Nudism & Naturism by Liz and James Egger.

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Another naturist themed book

Spirit of Justice by Joseph and Nancy Oliver.

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Naked at Lunch

Not to be confused with Naked Lunch: Naked at Lunch by Mark Haskell Smith is so true to life. As with every good author he set himself to really experience his subject. He has visited places where I have been and describes them so accurately. In...

Book title, author and stars (1-5)

This topic is for a SIMPLE comprehensive list of Naturist themed books. Please only include the title, the author and how many stars you give it! If you feel the need to comment, please limit it to 1 or 2 words more!!!!!

New collection of naturist fiction

I hope it's okay to plug my new book of naturist short fiction here! I recently published my book Written Nude on Amazon. It's available in print and ebook, and it contains stories specifically discussing naturist philosophy and values. If...

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Ebook of short stories '"Murder in...

The stories are written by several authors and of them are nudist and have each written several books with nudist themes. The books are available on Amazon and Apple books. P. Z. Walker , Ted Bun and Jacob M. Drake are some of the authors I've...

Fictional books I've read about nudism.

There don't seem to be many fictional novels about nudism out there. If you have read any, please share with the rest of us.

Books for newbies

I would love to know recommended books that have nudism in the plot and/or non-fictional books that help newbies accept nudism.

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