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Group for all nudists and naturists who like to shave their intimate bodyparts

Okay shaving and hair maintenance.

Years ago I didnt shave my genitalia and the wife did years before me. But it seemed silly for me to shave. But some friends said that he had learned to shave. We laughed about the idea of shaving me. Well I started looking at myself and started...

IPL laser at home is working great

I bought an IPL laser device a couple years ago and it did nothing. It was an expensive piece of junk and did not reduce the hair growth even after a few weeks of use. I decided to try one again and after reading many reviews and reports I got the...

anyone curious what pubes hair look like

anyone else been smooth like forever and curious what pubes and body hair would look like again?

At a family resort

I have a serious question, Who of you don't mind being shaved at a family resort. I have gone to one such resort and felt awkward having all the goods on display. Saw a few ladies openly displaying shaved lips with young ones around. Jewelry was...

new to the group

Hi, I am completely shaved since 1990. I cannot describe the feeling exactly, but I feel uncomfortable when I am not shaved for more than 2 days. I do not waxing or sugaring, just use my razor. Everybody feel free to contact me for exchange of...

At a nude camp.

At my camp, most people are shaved. They even tell you it is you option on how you want your pubes. But looking around, you want to be shaven. A handful of people had trim or a shorten bush. Several people sport their wax job. I prefer to be shaved....

Forever shaved

Hello new to group, I've been been shaved for many years,even in school when it wasn't as common as it is today. I would get comments and giggles in locker rooms and showers, as a young boy it was sometimes hurtful. But I still stayed true...

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Going smooth

I've been smooth since I was 16. I shaved myself and did a good job too. As I got older I tried waxing. Great result, lasts longer but hurts lol. I shave regularlly but get a wax if Im going on holiday. Everything goes!


I've been shaving for years. I know nothing about Waxing. I'm curious about waxing my Balls, wouldn't that be a little painful? Any advice would be appreciated