Touching The Earth: Barefoot+Naked

A Group for Nudists who prefer going BAREFOOT (in addition to Naked) whenever possible. All living things receive sustenance from the earth. Like trees rooted in the soil, we too, are connected to the earth when barefoot. One might say the earth nurtures us as the sunshine and breezes caress our naked bodies. This, in a nutshell, is as nature intended, much of what Naturism is about.

Bare foot as much as I can

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I have always felt that if I wasn't barefoot I wasn't completely nude and I like to be nude. I go barefoot as much as possible, mostly in the usual places, home, beaches, and trails. Most businesses downtown require some shoes, so I wear sandals if it's appropriate. It feels really good to be in touch with the earth until I step on something that hurts or is yucky, but I soldier on... nude and all

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RE:Bare foot as much as I can

Bare feet on the Earth creates a special energy. You got to have tough feet. When we were kids, we were barefoot all summer. Even walking on the hot oily black gravel road we lived on. I also wear rope sandals. Next best thing to being barefoot. No pinching or rubbing on your toes. Discovered these while at a clothing optional camp in Arizona 3 yrs ago. There was a lady selling them out of her camper.

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