Site content update.

Site content update.

Hello, many of you have seen some changes to the site regarding censorship of words, groups,usernames, topics, etc.

On Friday our merchant suspended our services due to an automated audit that was returning back certain keywords that are not allowed on the sites. We are currently working on finding a balanced framework that aligns with our Merchant’s strict regulations as well as our own stricter guidelines. Since we have what is considered an adult site with “adult content” we have very specific parameters we have to work in if we want to keep the lights on.

We’ve been working non stop to make sure we meet their guidelines and while the censorship of certain words seems overbearing at the moment it’s helping us clean up some content deemed inappropriate as well. This is a work in progress as the necessary changes were asked of us immediately and we really had to take a scorched earth approach in order to get back from suspension.

Group names have been edited and or deleted if they had topics that were not in agreement with TOS rules. If one of your groups was affected I do apologize.

If your profile was affected in any way please be patient with us as we find the best way to move forward.

We’ve also been diligently working on removing the BOT batches and spammers that come on the site. This has been an aggravating issue and with the help of flagging users we’ve been removing them slowly but surely. If you look a the Flag a fake forum the ones reported do get removed. Thank you for helping with this

As of today, our payment system is back up and working. If you're able, please feel free to share some christmas joy with us, as we definitely took a big hit these past 5 days.

I answer messages directly to me @teamtrue2 if you have a specific site issue you need assistance with and while it might not be immediate I do respond.

Thanks for your patience and we look forward to moving forward.

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  • What happened to the Chat Box?
    • a further 639 fake profiles using stolen images of o0rbstars signed up in March 2024. Teamtrue seams to have gotten board of deleting the fake accounts and only does her admin work when she feels like it. Quite workshy. Of the fakes that she hadnt deleted from 2 months ago, it's clear that many of these fakes have never signed in since creating their accounts so they have been created by malware bots. and TN are doing very little to curb these bot accounts. Time to verifiy all new sign ups!
      • How can I change my renamed userID? I would like to make it the same as my True Swinger ID as that has not been affected.
        • Fix your certification process. I have tried numerous times. It doesnt work
          • Im a new member and have not paid yet, and may not. There are a lot of problems I dont want to have to deal with. Ive tried to have my profile certified but get an error message every time. Allen
            • 3 months on from this blog post and it all reads as BS, especially the part about tacking the fake accounts The fakes and the bots are having free reign on this website. Teamtrue2 is nowhere to be seen. Natasha Aged 31 from Milwulkee. Brenda, aged 33 from LA Both using the same photo for a profile picture. Come on. Get your act together. The website is being run by a bunch of amateurs.
              • Is the messages function still working on this site? I haven't been getting any messages in my inbox lately.
                • Where has the chat disappeared too?
                  • Doesn't matter what browser I use or anything else, when I click 'verify my age' nothing happens
                    • I think I may delete my profile on here. Seems unsafe!!
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