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A Place for younger nudists to express their thoughts on nudism

18 M young nudist looking for other ppl to...

18M from london UK. I just wanna find other likeminded young nudists to chat to, preferably from UK but really open to anyone. Just wanna make friends and chat and vibe yk

Anybody for a men internet board game group?

I'm looking forward to creating a nudist group for men's to create bonds per internet. If anybody's interested, please send me you skype or write your skype here so i can add you. Mine is

Looking for someone my age that is actually...

I am 18 and its not common at all for anyone my age to be a nudist. I am just looking to chat and talk about it with someone like me between 18 and 25. I am not interested in dating as I have a girlfriend. Just want some friends with similar...

Generation Y and Nudism

What can the nudist movement do to get more of the under 40's interested? Check out this video here:

Wollongong/Sydney area

Im new to nudism, not something Ive expressed to any friends just yet but may hope to in the future. In saying that, Im wondering if there is anyone in the Wollongong or Sydney area? Other people that are new? Wouldnt mind just talking or even...

The new A. I. here is SILLY

The bots are filtering out way to many words. We are getting messages that we can't understand because several words were young. If you see [removed] at the end of the last sentence it wasn't typed, we typed y0ung but with an O instead of 0....

Grupo de Nudistas en Tlgrm

Hola! Posteo en espanol, puesto que el grupo es de habla hispana. Tenemos un grupo en Telegram. Tenemos todas las medidas de seguridad posibles arriba. Se ingresa previa verificacion para mayor discrecion y seguridad. Si son usuarios certificados,...

Nudist couple Northern rivers nsw

Hey guys me and my girlfriend are new to the lifestyle and looking for some pointers on local places and maybe some people to help show us the ropes cheers guys

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Dm me young nudist

Hi! I want to fi d other young nudist between 18 and 25 years if possible to be friends with. Both women and men are welcome, I just want to have nudist friends from all over the world to chat with them. Dm me if you want so we can have a nice chat.