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Profile problem - Can someone Help

When we do a search of "who is on line last 15 minutes", our profile shows up if we search a"All". Beside our profile name is "NA". Most others have 'Couple" "Man" or "Woman" beside their...

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Exposing Yourself Artisitically

Have you ever considered hanging a nude of yourself somewhere in your home where anyone could see it? It could be as simple as a 5x8 in a frame on a night stand or life size portrait over the fireplace in your living room. The image can be a simple...

Naturist accommodation UK

Where is the best place to search for naturist accommodation around the UK? I'm looking ideally for small b&bs or possibly rooms in private houses which are accepting of single gay men. Is there a naturist version of AirBnB??

Looking for an Artist

I am looking for an artist who would be willing to do a nude charcoal or pencil sketch of me from one or more recent photos. I would ultimately like to hang them in my man cave. Does that sound silly, vain, or simply nuts? I may be old and...

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Looking for roommate - East Bay

Looking for a roommate in Martinez, CA. I am a 37 yr old male with a dog and am finding a place near my work and prefer clothing optional house hold. Putting this up incase someone may be interested work potential move in date of mid-September....

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Visiting Denver area on 7/31

Hello, I'll be staying in the Denver area (Lone Tree) on Monday night, 7/31 . . . anyone wanna meet up?

Are men crop tops really coming back ?

What are your thoughts on crop top for men ? Fun thing is, short shorts and crop top used to be how men were dressed in the 70s. It disappeared for longer shorts far below the knees up to a time where you have to be ashamed of showing skin. As we...

Latest Airbnb guest.

A guy booked a one night stay in my guest room thru Airbnb. In his initial request he mentioned soaking in the hot tub. My pics show it with the house rules sign above .1 use common sense 2. no swimsuits allowed. I responded by asking if it was okay...

Need some help please

I have a home decor project I want to do. I need as many synonyms for NAKED as possible. Even ones in non-English languages are welcome. Please list any that you can think of. Thanks

Adding "Friends" Who Are Not Real...

What is the point of adding 'friends' to a friends list when these so called friends never reply to messages or engage in any kind of meaningful conversation? I am cleaning out my 'friends' list and deleting most right and left...