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Roomates in Tampa

Hi, I live in Tampa and am looking for roomates to share a house with a pool. I want to have an all male nudist house. LMK if interested or know of someone.

Video promoting Nudism on Catalan Beaches

The association Club Catal de Naturisme and the other Catalan naturist associations have produced a video encouraging swimmers to try nudism when they visit a traditional nudist beach. see here:

Zero Based Wardrobe

Someone on another board posted that when he retired, he intended to stock up on supplies, get rid of all of his clothing, stay clothing free as long as possible, and then order clothing item by item as he needed it. way, he would wind up with...

Contactless hotel checkin

Has anyone used contactless hotel check in to proceed directly from their vehicle to hotel room nude?

Why are there so many scammers on this site?

Lonely Old Mens Fools Club: An older adult's vulnerability to financial scams can stem from social, emotional, and cognitive problems. Cognitive deficits and dementia can affect a person's ability to use good judgment in financial decisions....

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Nudist lifestyle village - where are you?

I keep asking myself why nobody has built a lifestyle village, like a retirement (or over 50's) for nudies. It seems that with the housing crisis we are experiencing here in Australia that any higher density living would be a no brainer. We...

Free the peach

Free the peach Haas become a rally call to women and their choice to wear what they like to the beach after calls from 'community' identity' Ian Grace has suggested that the Gold Coast City Council ban G-string swim wear. Mr Grace's...

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Am I addicted to being nude?

I have very little of the vices in my life; I have been spared the addiction of substances and activities such as gambling and adrenalin perhaps I am no expert on addiction, but I think the criteria for being addicted to being nude goes...

Profile Cleanup

The site should have a built in method of clearing out unused profiles after a certain period of time. If someone has not logged in for two years then clearly they arent interested in using the site so lets delete the profile. Secondarily, it would...

Crypto Currency Scammers

Since this site is overloaded with crypto currency scammers, here is the latest list of crypto scams: Crypto scams to watch out for in 2024 Blackmail and extortion scams. ... "Business opportunity" scams. ... Fake job listing scams. ......