Nudism in Mallorca

Hi all hope your Christmas was great and a happy new year to you.

My wife and I are heading to Mallorca, Cala millor in April. We are looking for some nude beaches within walking distance of the village of Cala millor.

I booked it on love I put in the dates, found the cheapest one and booked it super fast.

Only afterwards did I start researching nude beaches there.

I seem to have booked us a place with no nude beaches near it. That I can find on google anyway.

Perhaps sone of you good people might have some local knowledge that could help us out.

I can of course rent a moped and get to a beach that way but ideally we'd like to take it easy and walk.


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RE:Nudism in Mallorca


you may have a look here:

I guess the next "official" nudism beach is Cala Varques.

But as in Spain nudism is not subject of legal restriction, you often find a spot at regular beachss where nudism is practiced. Just keep your eyes open or ask locals.

If you have the chance to hire a car, there are some great coves in the north of the island off the touristic hotspots where nudism is usual.

Have a great time! Fab

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RE:Nudism in Mallorca

Looks like the original poster is not really interested in answers, as he wasn't online her since he posted his question...
Anyway, maybe my reply can be helpful for someone else ...

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RE:Nudism in Mallorca

thanks for the informations, I will probably go to Mallorca in September, how is the weather like in early September?

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