Group Moderators . . . please pay attention

Just like the title says . . . Pay attention to your group. I just had someone apply for membership in my group thats been really busy. They had applied / joined a few other groups earlier today. To be exact, I stopped counting at 60+ groups joined today. We ( moderators) are doing an extreme injustice to our group membership by allowing these types to join. Just say *NO* & hit the decline button. Your group, fellow nudists & this site will be better for it.

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RE:Group Moderators . . . please pay attention

If the group is a Public group, anyone can join. If you want to screen your potential members and only allow those you want as part of your group, go into your group settings, change the group to Private. Thus, all potential members must be approved and then change the setting on the photos allowed in the group. I have all my group settings set to Private and Photos must be approved by me first.

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