Rough day

12 hour day today. Went yo 29 stumps for work. When driving , as the temp started passing 90 the ac went out. Temp got up to 118 F. At least I found A bottle of cold water. From hour 3 to hour 11 was over 100F. Got out of work,took off the pants for shorts, then hit the local mini market for another drink. Now 730pm, after the drink purchase got rid of the shirt and shorts. So much better. And cooler.

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RE:Rough day

100 here today. Ive been clearing out the garage, donating items to a firemans rummage sale and separating garbage for disposal later. I went from shorts to nothing, to stepping into the yard every 20 minutes to douse myself with the garden hose. According to my scale I lost 5 pounds today despite drinking often. Obviously not keeping up on the intake as I should.

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