RE:Are Jock Straps making a comeback

When I started secondary school - mid-70s - we were told at the first PE class that no one should wear anything under their shorts (a little disconcerting for me as the only one in my class with man-sized 'equipment', which had a tendency to peak out the leg of the (short) shorts, to the amusement of my classmates... but no one ever suggested another option.
The first time I saw a jockstrap was in, I think, my second year (aged 12/13) when I was a bit late getting changed at the end of our class, and the senior boys started coming into the changing rooms ready for a football match against a neighbouring school. Just opposite me was my mate Paul's brother - who I'd always quite fancied - who stripped off (giving me a great view of his - very -hairy package!) and then slipped into this strange garment which looked liked a baggy pair of y-fronts, with no Y, and just elastic straps at the rear. I was transfixed! And very disappointed when he put his shorts on over the top!
After that, I'd always linger at the end of that class, but sadly never got a repeat performance!

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