Nude beaches in Europe

Hello Everyone,
beginning of May I have 10 days vacation and I want to spend it in a place with a nice nude beach
and good choice of accommodation nearby.
On internet there is a lot of information but it is hard to choose since I don't know anyone who have been there.
So I would appreciate if you share some suggestions about places where you have spend nice time.
Thank you in advance.

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RE:Nude beaches in Europe

Canaria Islands are the place to be in may, good weather and the sea has a nice temperature.

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RE:Nude beaches in Europe

Well, Europe is a big place, but I can give two recommendations:

1) Euronat Nudist Resort in France, close to Bordeaux. They have lots of activities, a market square, their own beach, and friendly people. Also, it's an all-in-one package, accommodation and nudist activities in one go.

2) There are lots of nude beaches on the German coast, either North or Baltic Sea. They are generally quite nice, rhough of course it depends on the actual beach. Lots of accommodation options, since these areas tend to live from tourist income.

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RE:Nude beaches in Europe

Hi this is quite hard to answer without further information about your voyage ideas.
- what kind of accommodations are you looking for? Hotel, cabin, apartment, camping, campervan ... ?
- is there any region you prefer as destination?
- is there any sea you prefer? Atlantic, Mediterranean, North Sea ..
- will you have a car available or do you need direct access form your accommodation to the beach?
- maybe also helpful to know about languages you are able to communicate in.
Without these you may get hundreds of recommendations, not very helpful I guess.

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RE:Nude beaches in Europe

It's shit that you can't give likes here. You (@pixy_fab) try really hard and do it really well.

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