Remove pictures put up without consent

Hello all,

Ive joined here as Im facing a difficult issue-my GF had previously had nude photos taken by a photographer under contract which were to remain private, she received word today from a stranger on social media that people were talking about her and that there's nude photos of her online. She has contacted the photographer and he admitted sharing them without her consent and is already being sued by somebody else, she's obviously devastated and im just trying to help, so, I reverse face recognition searched her and sure enough there are nude photos of her online, most of which are on here! I searched using 'pimeyes' and I'm cautious, for now, to pay for the full url's as it seems a bit scammy, judging by the reviews I've read online. Anyways, the start of the url I can see it says; https://cloud.truenudist... which I believe is this site. My question is how do I access this cloud to get them removed or who can I contact here for the same? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you in advance

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RE:Remove pictures put up without consent

You can report it here:

It would be good to include a link to the photo.

The most likely use of such a photo is to serve as the main profile pic of a fake account. If this is the case, sad to say, there's likely little way to stop the same thing from happening repeatedly, since the pic is in the hands of a bad actor, and the site has only very limited tools for limiting fake profiles.

If the pic has been posted in the gallery or to a group or in a forum post, the chances are better that it can really be taken down.

The owners of the site are a couple - he's TT1 and she's TT2. Some members seem to have communicated directly with TT2 on such issues, and I hope someone will respond to your post with better info on that avenue.

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