Unable to open cam

Hi all! Just wondering if anyone else has had their ability to open cam or microphone. This started for me a few days ago.
I pop into TN on occasion and have never had an issue opening my cam in the Chat room. I haven't done anything wrong. Im able to view other cams. I was thinking maybe it's a setting on my computer or phone but I'm able to open it on other sites, just not on TN. I want to notify supprt but can't find anywhere to contact them. There is a little box pop up after i attempt to open the can and it says something like you are unable to use cam or microphone. The message pops up for about 2 seconds and then quickly disappears so not enough time to actually read it all.
I've posted in the chat room but i get no replies from the community.

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RE:Unable to open cam

Well, I am now able to cam again after posting this. Must have been a glitch.

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