Police enforcement of nudity in the trails

I recently received this bulletin from the Treasure Coast Naturists:

Hi Mark,


** Police Activity at Blind Creek Beach **

As a result of complaints, the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Department has increased their presence at the beach. Sadly, several arrests have been made in recent weeks for lewd or sexual behavior on the beach and in the pathways. This is BAD NEWS all around. In addition to bringing negative publicity to our beach, the offenders now have charges of Sexual Indecent Exposure on their records.

Blind Creek Beach is a family-friendly venue, and visitors should never engage in behavior that they wouldn't do in front of their mothers or their children. Engaging in this sort of conduct is not worth the risk to yourself and to your fellow beachgoers.

TCN has always been committed to promoting a family-friendly environment at Blind Creek Beach. Here's how you can help if you see anyone engaging in inappropriate behavior. If you feel safe doing so, ask another beachgoer or a Beach Ambassador to approach the offender with you. Remind the offender that such behavior is unwelcome and can get them arrested. Usually, this is enough to stop the behavior. If things ever become confrontational, walk away and summon the Sheriff by calling 911. Tell the operator that it's not an emergency but that you need a Sheriff at Blind Creek Beach. Then wait by the path so you can let the Sheriff know what the issue is.

Thank you for understanding the importance of preserving the family-friendly atmosphere at Blind Creek Beach. By doing so, we hope to have the freedom to enjoy this beach for many years to come.
There is new signage, most notably the sign by the tower has been moved from the trail side to the beach side effectively banning nudism on the tower.
I was there yesterday and was told that there were 10 people arrested earlier in the week. The clothing optional area is the beach only.

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