Being Nudist and Gay in India

In this my ancient land, our present society doesn't approve of public nudity by the common man or boy. This change of attitude across the millennia has historical reasons, I shan't go into them here. India had a different and wholly accepting culture in the days long gone.
What matters is the now and how we can make our now better. It looks like a difficult task - tens of millions of Indians laugh whenever a video of a boy or man surfaces on social media where he is comfortably naked and openly walking about. The man or boy is roundly criticized as being immoral or crazy. Guys get blackmailed with their naked pictures and threatened with being exposed. Eerily, that is exactly what happens with gay guys for their sexual orientation, to a large extent in India. Though things are thankfully changing with respect to acceptance of gay sexuality.
I am not referring to societal attitude in large cities in India - it is the millions upon millions of guys who live in smaller towns and villages across India who are at risk. Risk of exposure of their love for nudity and homosexual orientation. Their loneliness and pain are unfathomable to the adventurous nudists of first world countries. Add to that many fake profiles and cheats on websites such as ours. And you know how isolated such small-town guys really are. The few who managed to reach out to me have shared their horrors. Obviously, I wont reveal any identities or their confidences to anyone in a million years.
So what can the rest of us luckier gay nudist guys do? Reach out with empathy and love. Help other guys come to terms with their natural, and very normal, desires and alternate sexual orientation. Lead them to gay nudist friendly mental health experts in India or abroad if their mental condition so demands. They may currently be regularly brutalized or suicidal. Be their friend, be their ally. Every life matters.

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