A group for discussing communal/open showers at gyms, sports centres & swimming pools in the UK. A great place for observing social nudity. Share experiences and name the best places.


My favourite communal shower is at Rosebay Camping, it used to be male and female showers but they knocked it through and rebuilt it as just one large shower with several shower heads. As it is a male only nudist site, there really is no need for...

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Five a sides

I used to regularly play 5 a sides football. Enjoyable exercise and great fun miss it a lot since I had to hang up my boots. One of the best aspects was the male bonding in the changing rooms, with a a room full of naked guys showering after the...

Swimming Pool Showers

I remember all public pool showers growing up were open shower type, it was just normal and no one really cared about others seeing. My dad and I would shower after swimming alongside everyone else and no one seemed to bat an eyelid. That seems to...

York Hall Leisure Centre - Bethnal Green

York Hall is well worth a visit. Communal showers at both the swimming pool and the gym. They have communal and cubicle showers available. The swimming pool showers (ground floor) is a mix of naked and swimwear users. The quieter and more secluded...

The Village Hotel

Most of The Village Hotel gyms that I have been to around the Midlands all have open showers with no dividers. They also have stalls which the fast majority use, but during busy times there are often guys that use the open showers so they don't...

Whitechapel Sports Centre

I've heard that this place has open showers. I've not been yet, but plan to try it soon. Has anyone got any experience of it? Whitechapel Sports Centre 55 Durward St, London E1 5BA

SW London

I love the idea of communal showers but didn't get that experience at school and haven't since. Does anybody know of any in SW London?

Communal showers in Cambridge

Has anyone come across any good communal showers in Cambridge? There is one at the sports centre next to Parkside Pool which Ive been to a couple of times.

Better Gym East Village, Stratford E20

Great gym with open, communal showers. Tends to attract a younger crowd, 25 - 35 age range. Great place for seeing fit guys. Very diverse. Better Gym East Village, Stratford 50 Celebration Ave, East Village, London E20 1DB

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East Kent Area

Hello all,am looking for local communal showers,Sport center/Gym/Spa ? If you know of anywhere please get in touch

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