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For people who like to be naked in the house...

how did you get the boldness to be able to...

hi everyone, my name is grace, i am 21, im new to nudism, just joined the lifestyle 2 months ago. i need a mentor to boost my confidence.. pm. distance dont bother me

How to be naked at home with people visiting?

Hey all. New to this group. I came here because as everyone else, I love to be naked at home. But it is difficult having to wear clothes when having people over. How do you people do it? How do you start the conversation with the guests about...

East Sussex.

Hi I'm Ian. And I'm mostly nude at home! I live alone so as soon as I get in the front door I'm naked. Love the feeling of freedom when I'm nude. I would like to socialise more and any new friends would be very welcome.

Always nude at home

Like others in this group I am always nude when I'm home. The fact I live alone makes it easy to strip off as soon as I walk in the door and I only dress if I have to go out. I have hosted nude coffee mornings where one or two guys join me for a...

Wanna meet up and Hangout? Let] have fun...

Sick of Virtual nudes? meet up and get nasty with me HMU on Snapchat: goddessslinda

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Naked cam :0)

Hello, is there anyone who wants to join me for a naked chat on cam? Where we are all completely naked and we can enjoy talking to each other. All are welcome men women and couples. my Skype is: Tim Jensen 3333

Understanding house guest.

I rent a room in my home thru Airbnb and other online hospitality websites. I list it as naturist friendly and have gotten several renters over the years who come to strip down. But more often they prefer to keep their clothes on and ask that I keep...

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by Catrock 
Holywell North Wales gal

ever since I can remember I have always thought being naked is natural, I have never thought otherwise, I used o host nudist evenings at my house, loved hem and miss them

Cannabis and nudism:

I would like to know how people view cannabis on this website. We are all Openly doing things that are illegal in certain situations(being nudists) so I kind of assumed and unspoken acceptance... I was wrong. I had someone on this website tell me...

Just saying

I really, really, really enjoy being nude at every opportunity. Make things happen and get naked at every opportunity. WHAT DO YOU SAY????