Naked Men's Group

This is a group for guys who like to be naked to talk about stuff specific to being male and a nudist. So if you are a man who prefers not to wear clothes feel free to join this group and contribute to a discussion. Any subjects are welcome as long as they're clean. No offence to the ladies but this group is just for us fellas. Cheers

Old Men Naked in Locker Rooms Under Attack

There are more and more videos on youtube being made about young men complaining about nudity in the locker room. Here is a video I made about the above subject,

Boners Among Men

This has, no doubt, already been covered. If that's the case, please forgive the repeat. Get a bunch of men together and it's fairly likely that someone is going to pop a boner at some point. And, no, it's not guaranteed, but it is...

I'm a black gay nudist

Hi I'm rodney I'm gay and I like staying nude I have a very long black cock and a tight black asshole Text me on WhatsApp +1(442)-290-4821

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Hello from New Zealand/Aotearoa

Hey there lovely nudies. Just a quick hello from New Zealand. Looking to make nudist friends to hang out with.

Washington Dulles Area - 6/17-6/20

Hey there nudies.anyone in the area this week? Be great to make some new naked friends!

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Am ready anytime

Hi everyone,am Jennifer and am on here looking for a nudist freind whom we could both exhange pictures regularly my number is= +1 607-325-1079 my google My WhatsApp +1(607)3767662 My zangi. 1065996167. My signal...

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Near boston

Would love to hang out with others from Boston area I live on north shore

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Middle Tennessee nudist

I am a 73 year old nudist always looking for other nudist in the area to socialize with. Hope to hear form other's in the area. Thanks!

Nude Art

I spent 5 years as A fulltime Art student drawing and painting Nude Artist models. All our Nude models were Female except two nude guys. We needed more nude Men!!! I regret not storing nude at 18 years old, and get the other guys get Nude and Naked...