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For guys with photogenic penises. Does your penis always look great in your full frontal photos? Doesn't matter if it's uncut or cut, short and stubby or long and skinny, this is a place for posting photos if you have a photogenic penis.

Lets see them!!

Post your photogenic penis picture, age and location (if you want). So I just learned this isnt that easy to do, so heres how to do it. Reply to this with something like your age and location. Save it. You wont be able to upload a picture until you...

favorite word

what's your favorite word for penis? mine is "penis" and always has been. i have no objection to demotic terms, but i will always say "penis" in chat or conversation.

Gold Coast Australia life model

Experienced mature life model for drawing or photography I swim and do yoga for flexibility and endurance

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Making Every Penis Look Amazing

Taking perfect pics is hard and that goes for penises too, and most of us let our insecurities or feelings of shorcomings direct what we take and how. Letting another man who knows what to do and how to experiment with it till you get the right...

Cut mood

"C" mood

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by chorizon 

Hello! Judge if I have a photogenic penis ... Thank you for the comments and ratings ... it is 18 cm in erection and in the relaxed state in the photo ..

Great penis club for all fans of the penis

Love this group. It has given me even more appreciation for my own manhood. Its so interesting to see so many other naked men and so many different penises. Im mostly straight but will admit Im very curious about what other dudes are packing. Its so...

Melbourne Vic Australia

Mature male Artist's model available for individual artist and group sessions. Workshop of Life Drawing Melbourne. Description: 182 cm tall, 85 kg, see profile for photos. Sitting for: - Life Drawing sessions - Figure and Portrait sessions -...

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Over Rated Penis Beauty???

What if we just think our penis is beautiful, but nobody else agrees??? Is it still a beautiful penis or are we just viewing our own penis through "rose colored" glasses??? Just asking for a friend...

Truly not about size

Hey everyone. I enjoy this group because I take a lot of pictures of my penis. I think a lot of us in here to share that comfort ability. But I always explore what it is about penises that make it particularly photogenic. I think the obvious Reason...