Stealthy Nudists

This is a group for those who don't have the necessary privacy, to practice nudism at home. Join and discuss how you privatized an area of the outdoors outdoorsy home to be nude. Open back yard, close neighbors, city homes, decks in full view of the street..

Slight change of ideas

For those who want to enjoy the weather outdoors, pack up a picnic with sandwiches and some thermos flasks of hot water. Put some small packs of soup, coffee, tea bags and oxo cubes in a bag and take off into the countryside. Find your own ideal...

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Newbie Nudist

Well my aim this year is to go nude more often. Probably in those home alone time slots. Also when it's warm. I have a cabin outside that is good for it. My garage too but I need a comfy chair in there though. That's my plan folks. Feel free...

Late Night

My nudism is confined to late nights, or either in my bedroom, or my Man Cave, which I have renamed my Social Distancing Room.

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I'm still stealthy but...

About a month ago I discovered a really private spot by a small river. It was out in the country a fair bit and very quiet and secluded. It gave the chance to strip off and wander around naked for quite a while and I even had a quick dip. I could...

Private porch

I lived in a trailer that had a covered, screened in porch with latus and vines that concealed it. In the summers I would go out on the porch usually at night or when the sun was going down and relax with a drink or a coffee. It was a way for me to...

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Kayaking Nude

Went kayaking today, and thought why not try it nude. Stripped down, sat low enough where passing boats couldn't see in. Trying to take selfies is a bit difficult. But did get one that is Ok

Recently moved to new home

I'm on 1 acre but my house is only about 20 feet from the lot line next to neighbors. Fortunately I have open space behind me but on the other side there is a road several hundred feet away. My back yard fence is only 4 feet high and chain link....

Nude at home

All the time live in trailer park but naked at home all the time Michigan Lansing area

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C String

If you can't tan totally nude try a C-String. Virtually no tan lines and it covers enough where the neighbors can't complain. Wearing one today.