California Nudist Beaches

California Nudist Beaches

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Summer is, believe it or not, winding down. If you've yet to hit the road or the runway, this may be a good time to sneak in a quick trip to the coast - in this case the Golden Coast.The nudist lifestyle is well represented throughout California thanks to a plethora of naturalist-friendly beaches.

Check out our list for an old favorite or a must try, and then get to finding some flight deals.Choose from these clothing-optional beaches in California, and let us know if we've missed any!

Black's Beach in San Diego

Set in La Jolla, Black's Beach is divided into the southern and northern region - the northern being the nudist-friendly here. Owned and operated by the California Department of Parks & Recreation, Black's Beach is said the first and largest public nude beach in the country.

Baker Beach in San Francisco

This half-mile stretch of shoreline neighbors the Golden Gate Bridge in the Presidio of San Francisco. Though swimming is not common at Baker Beach, nude sunbathing most certainly is - mostly within the northern sector of the beach.

San Gregorio Nude Beach in San Mateo County

Said to the most continually used nudist beach in history, the private San Gregorio Nude Beach - adjacent to the San Gregorio State Beach - is found just south of San Francisco and west of San Jose on the Pacific Ocean.

Gaviota Beach, Santa Barbara County

Found on Highway 101, Gaviota Beach is located northwest of Santa Barbara on the central California coast. Set in Gaviota State Park, this secluded nude beach is encircled by high cliffs, and even yields whale watching.

The Crater, Monterey County

Another nude beach along the Pacific Coast Highway, the Crater is so named thanks to its valley or bowl shaped shores. Located in Seaside near Monterey and Salinas,  The Crater is a secluded spot neighboring Fort Ord Dunes State Park.

Bonny Doon Beach, Santa Cruz County

Found near Coast Dairies State Park just west of Santa Cruz, Bonny Doon Beach is a popular nudist beach and former 60s hangout. Follow Highway 1 to Bonny Doon's known wind-protected cove.

Notes to beach goers: California nudity laws vary by county, city, park, you name it - so be sure to get the score before heading out. Next, sunscreen and shoes are heavily advised, while swimming may not be - especially in northern California.

Last, have a blast!

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  • Planning a trip to Palm Springs in February and would love some suggestions on places to stay, nude or clothing optional only please.
    • went to Gaviota beach with a lady friend of mine.didn't tell her it was nude. got there and walked a little bit and found a good spot.I told her it was a nude beach and I intended to stay nude all day. She took her clothes off and we had a great day. In walking down the beach we passed 2 women who had their suits on. They gasped when they saw us and we said this was a nude beach.saw them later that day and they were nude too.
      • We will visit LA one week in this summer. Let us know the best beach where naked in this area ? Also seeking to select nudist resort. Appreciate any recommendations.
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              • I hear there are a number of places in Tahoe some on the Nevada side. This is a link to an older article, so I wonder if these are still good places.
                • There are several events actually that do use nudity as a human rights issue. And several groups that support lawmakers to start looking into passing bills from a human rights point of view.
                  • Monterey Beaches, esp. 'The Crater' & near the old Fort Ord are state park property. They are not nude beaches, so you can be cited if someone complains & you do not dress, per Cahill policy. Further away (toward Marina or Big Sur are secluded areas but nudism isn't strictly legal if it is tolerated. (Which isn't to say that nudism isn't practiced, just don't see as much as in other counties in the state).
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