Cameras Not Allowed

Cameras Not Allowed

Today, everyone has a camera with him/her at all times. Cameras can be found on smartphones, tablets, and laptops, and it's pretty rare that we're without one of these electronic devices.

If you have children and have a sitter, you no longer have to leave behind your itinerary and numbers of the restaurant, theatre, etc.; all you need is your cell phone to be reached no matter where you are.While we have become dependent on having everything at our fingertips, with the ability to call, text, surf, or snap a picture at any moment, those handy little devices can cause some issues as well. Just go check out a sneak preview of an upcoming blockbuster and you’ll know that the theatre doesn’t allow any cell phones into the movie. Why? They're distracting for one thing, but they’re also protecting their property, and they know that those little gadgets can quickly take pictures and video, almost with no one noticing.The same is true at clothing-option resorts. While you want to be connected to the outside world, the owners of the property and those who are enjoying its facilities also want to protect their property and privacy. But you want access to your electronic devices to make calls, check out something on the Internet, or read a book while lounging by the pool.

So what can you do to assure others that you’re not using your phone to take their picture? is proud to introduce a specially designed sticker to cover the camera lens of your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. With this simple, easy cover-up, you’ll let everyone know that you respect his/her privacy. You’ll also be sharing with them a great resource to meet other like-minded people, and you may even strike up a new friendship with this conversation starter! To get your very own lens sticker, just send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to :

  • SocialCo Media
  • 13026 N. Cave Creek Rd. Suite #203
  • Phoenix, AZ 85022
  • We’ll get it in the mail to you right away, and you’ll be ready to roll.

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    • The local nudist beach that we use the most has no phone reception, as its backed by high cliffs, apart from days when there are unusual climatic conditions, or sometimes you can pick up a foreign providers service. So anyone with a phone in obvious use is most likely playing a game or similar, if the camera is pointed at anyone then that could well be out of order! Having said that we quite often see people photographing their partners and friends, away from most beach users. Last summer a friend was stayi
      • this is a good idea but as you say there are so many ways to bring cameras anywhere. there are cameras that look like buttons, I know very few buttons around nudists. the point is carrying any kind of bag, purse. fanny pack even cigarette packs just to name a few. I'm just saying if someone wants to take pictures of anything or anybody they will find a way. maybe posting sign in certain areas that pictures may be taken, there are people that don't mind having pictures taken. just a thought. thank you
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