Mastercard compliance and Media uploads

Mastercard compliance and Media uploads

Fellow users, as of October 15th, Mastercard will enact new regulations that will affect the content sharing policies on the website. This will only applyto uploading media, and webcam broadcasting. All other facets of the site remain unchanged. This is not a change we desired, but MasterCard representsabout 50% of our sales, and we must comply if we want to keep the lights on and the servers chugging away.

The basic overview is that

  • If you would like to upload nude content you must verify that you are of legal age by completing our certification process.
  • You must only upload content of which you are the legal copyright holder or have permission to do so
  • Although we understand the privacy implications of this, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of your personal information, as we always do.

    Due to the nature of this lifestyle, and the implications to some, we began the site with privacy being paramount. Unlike other major social media sites :

  • We do not sell ANY user data users to ANYONE.
  • We allow users to adjust their privacy settings to their degree of anonymity.
  • We do not cater ads, track you or analyze your usage for marketing.

  • This is how we have continued to grow year after year.

    We're working to make this as painless as possible and we appreciate your patience as we work out some kinks. Please don't direct your frustrations atthe already overworked volunteers that work day and night to keep this a safe and nurturing community. Please direct those frustrations at thecredit card companies and your government representatives.

    Thank you again for making this the great community that it is.

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    • I want to leave how do I get you to delete my certification picture as this would no longer be required by yourself if you completely delete users off your site
      • Does this sight belong to Mastercard?. ?????, you claim 500000 membership x $125 = close to 63 million dollars. And you can't survive on 31million to keep the server's going. Really, . Ditch Mastercard and run the business for your true supporters/truenudist
        • Too many real life friends no longer use TN because of the sheer volume of fake and spam profiles with their weblinks and scammers wanting gift cards in chatroom. I would limit basic members to just 2 direct messages a day and no use of the chat room. Only certified and paid up members would get full access to the site including the ability to post nudes if they wish to. It would also give incentive to support the site financially. Certified members could have slightly cheeper membership
          • Is it us or did they revoke everyone's certification until ID'S are submitted..? We have been certified and verified since 2012 even received emails confirming our certification and ability to upload nudes then all of a sudden about six months ago some of our pics including some clothed ones were deleted and our certification was removed... we've submitted resolution tickets with TN since the first of May and have had no response... Has anyone on here had similar experience....
            • Hi there, my Certification has just been rejected with the reason as a couple both people need to be included. My application was only for myself as my Wife is not a nudist so she will not be on the application. What do I do from here?
              • How to change my name and profile pic?
                • Don't worry, we are all together
                  • Visa and master card are one in the same they use the same everything taking ur id is being PCI compliant it helps keep you safe and it works. The best way to stop all theft is to go back to knuckle buster. lol
                    • I tried to use my Nevada concealed carry license and it was rejected. It takes much more effort and background checks for that photo ID than a driver's license. And you have to be 21 or older to get it; it just doesn't have your birthdate or residence address on the picture side. I want some anonymity so I won't ever be certified. I have lots of messages that can't be deleted so that shows how knowledgeable this site is regarding modern technology.
                      • this is ridiculous......MC was probably encouraged to do this by one of your competitors.
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