We did it! 500,000 users! Now on to 1 million!

We did it! 500,000 users! Now on to 1 million!

Truenudists.com achievement - 500,000 user signups!

Truenudists.com has officially surpassed over 500,000 users globally. This milestone is especially heart warming as it also marks the 15th birth date of Truenudists.com.

Big thanks to a user from Houston, TX for being our 500,000 user!

Congratulations fellow TN users! These 15 years have created the most amazing global network of loyal users. teamtrue1 had a dream of creating a nude friendly environment where you could meet fellow nudists easily. He has surpassed his dream and this is all because of our users. Each user contributes to nudism and naturism in your own way and in turn make the site engaging and fun. We truly appreciate it.

Also, TT1 strives to keep the site fresh and a new update will be coming out soon with more user functionality and features.

Stay tuned and cheers to truenudists.com!

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  • When are you going to do something to stop these fake bot accounts. I flagged almost 200 bot accounts that were created last weekend. They have not been removed from the system. This weekend, a bot is creating a new account every minute! Gay men in their 20s, all from new york and all using stolen images of women!!!! Complete and utter madness. Bots can be programmed to hack into users accounts! PLEASE do something to ensure the safety of us members.
    • I agree with the comments regarding dormant accounts, Maybe archive them but prevent reuse of the name?
      • What would be the real number if the idle accounts would be closed? There are many accounts where the last login dates 5 and more years back! I even found accounts with a last log in ist 10+ years back! And how many accounts are verified?
        • Congrats on the numbers lol shame that only 10% are verified and also there a small number of us who are on here least once a week,
          • Good going true nudists.proud of this movement.
            • Congratulations true nudist I sure do love the site I have met a lot of good people on here lets keep spreading the news about about how good being nude is thanks lee
              • Its great to see all the nudist come together. I've never been with a nudist but would like to be with some nudist young women just to see what its like, probably be aroused sorry.
                • Can we get a check on how many profiles are fake/bots? Seems to be A LOT of fake profiles on here especially in the chat. Also, lots of profiles with pics clearly taken off the net (easy to right-click and check). The fake profiles could be a valid reason for the spike in user numbers, unfortunately.
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