Romantic Getaways for Clothing-Optional Couples

Romantic Getaways for Clothing-Optional Couples

You've already seen it in grocery stores, the red-themed candy boxes, stuffed animals, and cards. You think, "Valentine's Day already?" The answer is yes. But that doesn't mean anticipating a night of crowded restaurants and movie theaters, and worrying about whether you have cash for the Valet guy. The weekend of Valentine's Day features plenty of places to go, where you don't have to worry about too much laundry.Here are some clothing-optional, romantic getaways for your 2015 Valentine's Day Weekend in the Western Hemisphere.


Pacific Northwest

Arcadia Romantic Getaway is said to be, "Inspired by Nature. Defined by Romance." This clothing-optional resort is located in Shelton on the southern tip of the Puget Sound on the Hammersley and Totten inlets – set near cities like Olympia and Tacoma in western Washington State.

Covering nearly six acres, this is a Greek-themed, private-nudist club offers onsite properties and RV hookups, plus spas, hammocks, sun bathing, and of course romance. It's also pet-friendly.

New England

On the other side of the country, the northeastern, six-state cluster of New England features a fair share of clothing-optional getaways. You'll find saunas and volleyball at Berkshire Vista Nudist Resort in Hancock, Massachusetts, plus canoeing, fishing and more at the 250-acre Cedar Waters Village Nudist Park in Nottingam, New Hampshire.Whether you brought the tent or the laptop, you're (un)covered in New England. Other New England nudist resorts include Coventry Club & Resort in Milton, Vermont, the Dyer Woods Nudist Campground in Foster, Rhode Island, Richmond Sauna Bed & Breakfast in Richmond, Maine, and the Sun Ridge Nudist Resort in Sterling, Connecticut.

Remaining America

Staying stateside? There are plenty of places to go in Arizona, Las Vegas, California, Florida, and Hawaii.


The country of Mexico is also teeming with romantic nudists resorts. Check out the white-sand coast of the Mexican Caribbean at Hidden Beach Resort – Au Naturel Club


Now it's time for white sands, brilliant sun, and all the fruity drinks you can picture. Look into nudist resorts like the Caliente Caribe in the Dominican Republic, and the Grand Lido Negril Resort & Spa in Jamaica.

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  • We operate a AirBNB resort just east of raleigh, NC. Let us know when in area as we cater to and give nudist a cash discount as we are nudists and prefer to be nude so nude guests are the best!
    • We, live naked all day at home, we only dress when visitors not used to the natural view and when we have to go out, but undress as soon we are in again. When its hot we take a nice cooling dive in the pool rather than being on the beach with nature (sand) in all places you don't want it to be. The same applies to our guests and they love it.
      • What about Abbott's Glen Nudist Resort in West Halifax Vt on the Massachusetts border they are open most days year round and have a clothing optional sauna and hot tub -- Even a clothing optional romantic nightclub open weekends
        • Lots more romantic places in the US....Alpenglow Ranch Clothing Optional B&B in Bend, OR...Arroyo del Sol Clothing Optional B&B in Pasadena/Altadena, CA...AZ Lagoon del Sol, Casa Jardin Paraiso Clothing Optional B&B's in Phoenix, Az...Valle de Vistas Clothing Optional B&B in Sedona, AZ...Bayou Allure Clothing Optional B&B in Baton Rouge, LA...Casa Alegra Clothing Optional B&B in Sarasota County, FL. Lot's of choices!! Check them all out at
          • The best naturist vibe in the Caribbean is Cayo Largo in Cuba. Miles of designated naturist beaches. That's where this picture was taken.
            • Is Hidden Beach Resort clothing optional? I am a newby Nudist but my wife is not. Looking for a resort that we can both go to.
              • Desire Resorts in Mexico are great places to visit.
                • Desire Resorts in Mexico are great places to visit.
                  • Wnat to have couples from US or Europe to visit INDIA. I can work as guide to them.
                    • We'd love to visit them all..!
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