True Nudists launches!

True Nudists launches!

Nude Yoga: Wave of the Future or Back to Nature?

The origins of yoga can be traced back to 500-200 BCE, and some believe it actually was practiced by Vedic priests long before. It came to the attention of educated Westerners in the 19th century and has been a mainstay among the health conscious ever since<

So when the developers behind the social network launched in 2013, it was more of a way to bring the past to the future and incorporate modern-day naturism with what has been considered natural for centuries.

Yoga is a practice of both the mind and body, where one challenges oneself to settle into stretches and poses by controlling the breath and calming the mind.

Nudism is a lifestyle choice in which people feel more comfortable being in nude than clothed. was born out of because so many nudists were looking for activities they could do with others who shun textiles.

As both a yoga enthusiast and a nudist, I saw them as naturally connected. People are nudists because they are comfortable with their bodies, and yoga is an exercise in feeling the same. We heard from many members who wanted to have more organized yoga events, and that's when the idea for came into being,shared the founder and developer of both sites. has been going strong since 2008 and now boasts over 200k members. lists events across the country, where practitioners of yoga can find gatherings where nudists enjoy poses together. In addition, for those who are a little wary of jumping into a nude yoga class with strangers, they can participate in online nude yoga. If they do venture to an event, as with any clothing-optional events, those who choose to wear clothes are always welcome, but they should be forewarned that they may be in the minority. The classes are all about gathering with like-minded people.

Some who don't understand nudism think that it's a sexual experience, but that couldn't be further from the truth. We are just comfortable in the outfits in which we were born, and we look for more ways to be nude when we can,€ added the website's founder.

In addition to sharing information on how to attend either a virtual or in-person nude yoga calls, also acts as a resource for students of yoga.

There, they can have access to photos and instructional videos of poses so they're not wondering what a downward dog is when they head to class.

Nude yoga has seen a growth in popularity in the U.S. in recent years, just as clothed yoga has. Media have covered this new trend along with other exercise methods, so more and more people are interested in experiencing a class. And allows them to find classes and learn all they need to know about the practice.

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  • We have a men's nude yoga class here in Louisville, KY. We meet every Tuesday and have over 25 at each class.
    • so the last press release from TN was over 4 years ago... for a site that no longer really exists and just redirects back to TN... meanwhile, chat room issues galore, coding problems, lack of updates like private camming, and still no profile sweeps to get rid of those who haven't logged in for a year or more (inflating site's supposed members)... but sure, yoga.
      • What ever happened to this website? I remember it being built/waiting to launch, and then it was up for a few weeks, before being taken down. Will this website ever become a thing again? I believe it was one of a kind, and had great potential!
        • The site shows me that it is unter maintenence Is it still alive?
          • How do you join? I have tried for a week now.
            • I can't get onto the sight it keeps telling me it's down for maintenance
              • lovely nude classes to attend great pictures
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