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Introduction to Nudism and any of the awkward questions you may have


hi everybody! I'm Kevin from France and i love living naked but since i'm back in France and with the covid i couldn't meet new people and now i don't even know one person around here practising nudism. So i would love to meet new...

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by FrankieJay 
Hi Newbie Couple from Inland Empire, CA

Hi, we are newbies to the lifestyle and we are looking for local friends to do nudist activities with. We loved Blacks Beach in San Diego and plan on doing that more, but we are also looking at other social activities in the meantime to help us open...

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Hey everyone! My wife and I dipped our toes into Nudism/Naturism last year and will never turn back! we are looking to grow a network of other young like minded people to get together for events and what not. We are NOT in the "lifestyle"...

New to Nudism!

Hey everyone, I just figured Id introduce myself since Ive been having trouble meeting people that are also into nudism. Im 19 and Ive been practicing solo nudism for about a few months now! Its been amazing so far and I love it! Im also a huge fan...

Stoma bags

What is the etiquette regarding stoma bags. I have one, high on the right abdomen, temporary I hope! Should I just tough it out and let folk see the semi transparent bag containing brown liquid or should I fashion a little cloth bag to hide it?


G'day there, If anyone has a clear and level area to park up my well equipped motorhome for a visit, I'd certainly like to plan a visit and explore more of the great British naturist possibilities. Although retired, I can help with domestic...

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Just wondering what people prefer in a profile. Do you enjoy reading other people's profile? Do you find it more engaging for there to be more or less information?

A common question of erection/nudity

Being new to the lifestyle what happens if i get an erection in public amongst nudists. The times ive been in social situations it hasnt happened but always worried about it. May be its different for the girls as there's no visible signs to deal...

Brief intro

Howdy all! I live in NW FL and I'm dipping my toes into the lifestyle. Right now, I'm just working on being a home nudist. One day I'll make some friends or get adventuresome and find a local resort.

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by rakarivu 

As a wheelchair user it is obviously difficult, if not impossible, to reach a lot of places such as beaches. Mostly limited to naked alone at home I live in central Scotland but very happy to drive to somewhere that I would feel welcome and accepted...