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Introduction to Nudism and any of the awkward questions you may have

Nudist erection

Hey is it okay to get an erection at a nude beach or In public?

First nudist beach experience

Hey guys just wanted to say hello. Had my first nudist beach experience recently and it was amazing. Anyone remember there first time and how they felt before/after? Not many opportunities for naturism in North West England. Hope to get to a nudist...

Nudism and exhibitionism

Many people will make a distinction between nudism and exhibitionism, and there is a difference i many cases, exhibitionists get a thrill from being seen,nudists are just comfortable not wearing clothes, and are fine being seen but not their main...

Just joined!

Hi First Time on the Site. Looking to meet happy kind hearted people.

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New guy from Ohio! 31/M

Hey all! Decided to get on here after a recommendation from Reddit - I am totally new to all of this, but it's something I'd like to explore. I'm located in Ohio so I'm not sure how many people I would meet or get to know as it...


Hi All Im trying to certificate myself but when I upload the images it says file not found any hints for me? Thanks Robert

Being seen / recognized

Hello! New here and new to naturism. I have attended a couple events in my hometown and I am finding so much freedom in just being my nakedest self and not having to cover myself up. I have a nagging anxiety that I am noticing, which is why Im...

Places to go?

Hi everyone, I'm new to nudism. I'm a home nudist at the moment and want to start branching out to other places and meet other nudists. Anyone know some good places to be nude near Santa Rosa, CA? Thanks Derek C.

U.K. Kent based newbie - naturist swims

Anyone in or around Kent know of any clubs that welcome newbies? Im looking for a naturist swim or similar either in a pool or open water. Id love to know your experiences

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