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Hello, feels like first day at school

Hi everyone, my first day here but thanks for the friends invites, not really sure what to say, I guess I'll find my way around and hopefully make some true friends, oh I am from the UK, although would like to make friends from all over the...

new here

i was wanting ideas on trying to get my wife into this lifestyle

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Hello from England

Hello everyone. I've just joined this site. I'm Dave, I'm 21 and I'm single. I am looking forward to chatting to naturists - especially those from the UK. If there's anything you want t know just ask Dave

Hello from the north

WE are relatively new to the Nudist world. We have been "holiday nudist" for the past couple years and love it. Found a super place in California (Terre Cotta Inn) and have been 3 times, can't wait to go back. We have also tried a...

New But want to try

HI we are a couple living in So Cal and want to come out and try Terra Colta.My wife is worried that there will only be a bunch of guys and few girls..We have never been to a place like this .We would love some info on how many guys to girls there...

New Single Guy

Hi, i am new to this, 47 and single, looking for a gentle introduction close to home, co.durham, uk , any advice /help greatfully recieved

New to this again....

I've been away from this lifestyle for over 15 years now, and really want to get back into it. There doesn't seem to be many places here in Ohio... Any advise????

Problems with profile

Help! We keep trying to edit our profile, add stuff etc. When we go to edit and click on places visited or to ea/drink/smoke the page won't let us. Why? We added four photo's, but when we tried to check them (don't want to double up) we...

California Nude Hiker

Well I just started enjoying being nude a couple of years ago. Mostly around the house and in my yard. I enjoy working in my yard and garden and just started last year doing it nude when I can. I live in a rural area so not many houses close by that...

hallo from gemany

hallo, i hope i find many new friends.. ( sorry for my english )