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Proud Male

Just a few thoughts - I have been a naturist for quite some time. I completely enjoy being a man as well. Sometimes it is quite frustrating suppressing natural instincts. Is that true naturism? In true honesty is there shame in erections? I look...

The No-Tan-Line Look

Definitely no tan lines on me, always admired seeing others with a nice tan. My first experience many years ago was using a Tan-Thru bikini swimsuit in my backyard before I got into the nudist lifestyle. Then it happened one day, I got the nerve to...

Upcoming Event - March 2, 2024 in Miami, FL

Hello fellow nudist fellows! The gentlemen of Miami Nudist Men are having a cocktail party at 8:30pm on March 2, 2024. This is our re-launch and we are very excited to see our old friends and make new ones. If you'd like to come, please make...

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Naked yoga

Hi looking for naked yoga in Norwich if anyone knows of any


I am 70 year old male and have concerns about nudity around the house. I go nude or mostly nude (perhaps an open robe) a lot. I am concerned about dripping urine for some time after I pee. Never much but the odd drip. Doesnt seem sanitary but I do...

Men's Essentials?

I was in a department store earlier today and I noticed a sign that said Mens Essentials on the wall over the area containing underwear and sleepwear. I can't think of many things that I view as less essential than these. Who would agree with me?

Ever had a random roomie complain?

In the next couple of weeks I will be in situations where I might be paired up with a random guy to share a hotel room with for a few nights to a week. How have you all handled your casualness to nudity in such situations? I can only sleep if naked....


Some people in a group suggested making loincloths from parts of a t shirt. One suggestion was to cut off the sleeves, and run a string through the hem, Others said cut off the bottom, make panels the width you want and do the same. I took an old t...

To wax or not to Wax? And how much to do?

Question for you guys. I'm pretty hairy. I have a lot of hair on my chest and stomach. Not like I'm wearing a sweater or anything. No back hair, luckily. But I have a fair amount of pubic hair. I've been trimming it. But I thought about...

Naked gym

Hey guys, home gym anybody? Somebody must have one in Shropshire/Worcs/Herefs/Powys area! GIVE ME A SHOUT IF YOU DO! Working out naked is the only way...!