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Male celebrities who are nude sleepers

Do you know any male star who has admitted that he is nude sleeper?

Utility kilts for men

I have worn kilts for a long time. Sadly, I lost the battle of the bulge. My bottom drawer is now home for 3 kilts I no longer can wear. Today, thanks to our friends at Amazon, I can get back to a pants free lifestyle. Full disclosure: I moved to...

Ball Stretcher/Weights. They are good for...

If you have ever wandered about ball weights how they work and the benefits check out my group ""

Lets get together. Nudist group.

Hey there all. I have a nudist group on WhatsApp looking for more nudists who enjoy sharing to join. Message me on WhatsApp +19175682456 or on Telegram @shailong

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SoCal visit

Attention nudist friends of SoCal!! I will be visiting from July 11-17. My nudist buddy Scott has been kind enough to offer me a place to stay for the week (in the nude of course) but I would love to see if I have any other friends on here that...

Military Swimming Holes

In a youtube video, military swimming holes are described as informal locations near military bases where service men could escape and relax. The video doesn't discuss nudity, but its archival footage primarily from the 1940s shows that nudity...

Has anyone tried outdoor nudity in Delhi

Delhi is full of forested areas with lots of isolated spots. I have gone completely bare on a few occasions. Has anyone else tried this? Could you recommend some places and time?

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Any guys from Chennai?

May i know any true nudists like to free balling or love public nudity who were in and around Chennai?

Dealing with body dysmorphia and nudism

Hey guys, I am curious about other guys who have struggled with body-confidence, self-image, and even body dysmorphia. I have always been insecure about my body, though I have dove into nudism and that has helped some. Still, I am very insecure...

Is it okay for a guy to walk around a locker...

How could it not be ok? I'll tell you. Only someone overwhelmed with perversion could even imagine there might be any problem with one male seeing another male nude. Just to be clear, it's not only ok for a guy to be nude in a men's...