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Just ordered my first sarong (short, above the knees). Mostly for home wear when I can't be nude, but would like to wear it in public also. Any suggestions for where?

Clothing Countdown

Please post if you own less clothing than the list in the previous post. While mine is not that small, I will post it to get things started. 1 suit jacket 2 dress slacks 2 cargo pants 1 sweat pants 3 swim suits 7 shorts 5 sleeveless shirts 14 t...

No hair

So I've been a at home nudist for a while and i have no hair anywhere due to an imballance and have often wondered about the majority of people and why they shave their beautiful natural bodies. Do any guys on here shave around their penis for...

Fulltime freeballers

How many of you hate wearing underwear and you are full-time freeballer?


Most guy strolling around nude probably want to show their full package or at least semi full package. I mean who wants a tiny tim peeking. What do you guys do to summon up and erection without beating it. Any mental focusing exercise to bring the...

Suggestions on where to post for a nudist...

I'm a straight male, new to the nudist life. I have a room opening up Feb 1st and I'm trying to see if I can find a chill nudist roommate. Where should I post my room listing? Any suggestions?

Lone man

As a male without a participating partner living far away from any major cities I feel Im not welcome to the nudist community

Any gay single dads who practice nudism?

I feel like I must be the only person who fits that profile and I live in LA LOL. I'm a gay nudist dad with an 8yo adopted son. We are both nudists. Would love to meet other nudists like us.

Unexpected nudity situation

I am sure we all have been naked at various places - like nude beach, spa, locker room, in the comfort of your home etc. Have you experienced nudity in a situation/place where it is not expected? For example, I have had real time experience of these...

mens massages

Any guys like to hang out and give mutual massages in Sunshine Coast region ,, PM me ,