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Identical Twin Brother

In my 30s I learned that I had an identical twin brother who passed at birth. Learning about this confirmed a ton of my feelings, but also raised a ton of questions. Would my twin have been a nudist? If not, would he have been ok w me? Are there any...

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Male body parts, what part of a male body is...

I have something about male feet, they can be so masculine. What is your favorite?

Geeky Nudist in DFW Area?

Hello all. So this is probably a long shot but thought see if there were any geeky nudist out there in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Video games, board games, card games marvel shows are always best when you're naked. Maybe there are some that...

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by alternade 
Virginia, Charlottesville

Would like to find some local nudist who like to hang out at home. I cannot host but would love to visit. Love eye candy and mature or mature minded people. While I am bi and don't mind being touched, I would not do anything not permitted by the...

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Disagreeable Experience at the Gym Today

I was in the steam room -- nude -- naturally. Some guys came and went -- no big deal. Or so I thought. I got reported before being nude in the steam room and on top of that, for being nude in the shower and not pulling the curtain closed. I asked...

Massage wanted man to man.

I am desperate for a good rubdown.

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Looking for Friends in the South and North...

Hello single guy here looking for nudist friends in the area to hang out with. That are not looking for the average body. Hope to hear for someone. Thanks.

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First time nude with other people.

I am a heavier person, I mostly go nude in my home or outdoors in my backyard. I want to start socializing with other nudists. I am self conscious of my body even though I have lost several pounds. In your personal opinions, what do most nudists say...

Stuck inSoutheast Michigan

Been temp living in southeast Michigan for a few months and will be here for at least another three to four months. Now that we're seeing signs of warmer weather, I'm hoping to find local nudists for a get-together. Unfortunately, I cannot...

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No long slacks

What is your record for not wearing long slacks. Mine is from early May to mid September 2020. With all activities where long slacks were expected were cancelled, I didn't have a reason to wear any. I also wore a shirt less than ever....