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To shave or not to shave?

Question for nudist women: Did you start or stop shaving "down there" after you became a nudist? If so, what was the reason? Was there expectation from you peers, or your own thoughts on what looked better?

Intact or circumcized

I am asking all of you ladies this question!! How do you want your male partner to be? I'm asking this because, because I have been the long journey of restoring my natural look !!


Looking for ladies to become friends and head to the beach together and enjoy some warm weather and good company. Would be nice to enjoy some conversations and laughs with another woman while relaxing nude together

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Im curious how you ladies handle your periods when nude? Also discharge. I am a very well lubricated woman, and i think about what would i do when i sit down and leave marks where i sit?

Ladies, what is the best way for a single,...

Hello, I'm new here. I've only recent been embracing the nudist lifestyle. Mostly on my private property, but I've been to a couple beaches and one resort. I'm single and I'm curious how to go about meeting other single nudist...


A genuine question - if you turned up for your waxing appointment and the therapist was male, what would you do ?

Finding real, respectful nudist to chat and...

I joined this site to make friends and chat with real nudist. Well, I have found more perverts than normal nudist that just want to chat and make friends so far. Why is it so hard?!? I'm not picky, I just want to connect with people like me who...

Boot Tan Festival

Ever want to try spring skiing in the nude? The Boot Tan Festival is a women's only ski festival which features nude skiing. It will happen this year at Sunlight Ski Area in Colorado. The clothing-optional run will happen after the lifts close...

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