Hello, I'm Back

I go by "Ambrose" online. I have practiced nudism within the confines of my own home (or whenever alone if I'm living with others,) for a little over the past decade. It's been a topic that piqued my curiosity when I wrote an essay about it in college, and I do find that it's beneficial. My boyfriend and I plan to live as minimalist as possible, and we hope to find a very private plot of land where we could be au naturel and enjoy the outdoors without prying eyes (or a wild Karen popping out of the tall grass.) I just turned 34 years old (June 19,) and I'm deaf. I used to have an account with TrueNudists before, but I couldn't remember the email address that I used, and I wasn't very active back then due to college, watching over relatives, and work.

My boyfriend and I are looking to visit Florida later this summer and we'd like to go to our first-ever nude beach, but I'm not sure where we could go. I looked up a couple of places that don't seem all that active or passionate about the practice. Any suggestions? It would be our first time being around other nudists. We practice it together but we don't tell many people since we both live in North Carolina, and almost everyone we know is pretty much close-minded about certain subjects. Yes, including our relationship.

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