Einstein and nudism

Nope not going to announce that Albert Einstein was in fact a nudist; but I will say that his theories about attire and clothing are aligned with nudism.

I believe that Einstein had a singular leather jacket and he would have an allocated shirt for each day of the week and same for underclothing. He wore no socks and had the same shoes and trousers for many years just like his jacket.

His wife apparently pleaded with him to dress more professionally when going to work; his reply was "why, everybody there knows me". Then later his wife begged him to wear something more professional to a formal function; his reply was "why, nobody there knows me".

His choice to have the same trousers, shoes and leather jacket for many years reduce the need to shop and waste time doing so and having all the decision making that goes with buying new clothes. His choice to have a shirt and underclothing allocated to a specific day of the week removed the need for daily decisions about clothing selection.

So how does this parallel nudism? obviously we as nudies are freed from the same issues that Einstein identified very early in his life as simply wasting time that can be used for more critical endeavours; and even better is that your birthday suit is also your swim suit, sleep wear, work wear, leisure wear - in fact for some its formal wear at weddings and even funerals nowadays.
You can also adopt the view that it doesn't matter what you are/aren't wearing when you're in public - people who know you should know you well enough to know you're a nudie and folks who don't know you, well its simply doesn't matter.

Recent studies into very intelligent persons has revealed that 'freeing up ones brain for the most important decisions" is critical to developing hyper intelligence. So there, that's it, the greatest argument for legalising nudity in Queensland (and other jurisdictions) is simply to make us smarter people and focus on what really matters most!!

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