Nude freedom - I am going to miss you

As I sit here at Pacific Sun Friends just north of Brisbane enjoying the complete freedom of being nude I also ponder my new venture which will take away much of my time to be nude.
Next week I start full time employ by others and will be working with a colleague. Every day of the week plus travel.
I need this job and the rewards that it will bring. Pay off the mortgage and be debt free for example! There are so many broken things that need fixing and with new finances I will also be able to fix some of my ailments.
But the trade off is very little time to be nude - when I want. Nude time for the next few years will have to scheduled. This kind of feels like it will take away some that feeling of true freedom!
I know many of you work full time and still get to be nude and free. But do you feel constrained and does a scheduled life take the edge off it all?

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