Arizona Nude Geocaching

I started a thread on this group discussion page a couple of years ago called Nude Friendly Geocaches. I posted on it recently and now it appears to be gone. I notice one of the Arizona groups has disappeared as well. There seems to be a lot of content going away on the site, I wonder what's causing that. In any case I went out for a day of nude geocaching last week in the North Picacho Mountains area. This area is fairly easy to reach and has more visitors than places I normally go due to an area with some pretty extensive petroglyphs nearby. I went out midweek and didn't see anyone all day which suited me fine. Had a good time in the sunshine finding two very easy caches, GC6D9DR and GC6VC78. Both of these were right next to a trail. I think most people drive to them. My main objective was a more challenging cache, CG6Y23D which involved an enjoyable hike up a pretty steep hill. The last log on this cache is from 2019 so it's obviously not too popular. I ended up with a DNF but no matter, it was still an enjoyable day. There is one more cache out there I'd like to try, CG6FTPQ. That one is going to involve a bit more of a hike.

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RE:Arizona Nude Geocaching

I remember that thread and agree it has disappeared! Shame, I have been known to re-read it. There has been a lot of utterly ridiculous censorship on this site recently after the owners of the site panicked and implemented a stupidly poor automatic word deletion that removed perfectly innocent words (but only in the American spelling) even when they were part of another word with a totally different meaning! I thought 'the internet' learnt to be better than that in the 1990's! Context is everything...

Anyway; to your caching... I've looked those up - you certainly pick'em! The first two look straightforward enough although clearly remote enough to not have loads of finds in their 4-year life so far, but "Much Higher Ground" has only been found three times in that same period and yours is its first DNF! I have to admit that, had I been in your shoes, I would have done the same as you and hopefully enjoyed it as you did, so I'm envious, even though you were unable to find it. I'm guessing you're the one 'watching' this cache... I hope that something gets logged to indicate that it is findable once more and you get to enjoy the hike again with success as your prize. (That's what I try to do with my DNFs)

For me it's the adventure more than the cache that counts, which is why it's good to be able to do it naked sometimes.
All the best and Happy Christmas.

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