Looking for a couple who needs a sperm to conceive.

Im looking for a couple who are looking for healthy and sane man for sperm donation to conceive.

I am a healthy 54 yrs old Asian male, half Filipino and half chinise. 511 and 155 lbs. slim and fit physique. I am always been slim and always complimented to looking so young and told Im good looking. I do not have any medical issues and ant my age right now, I am not taking any medications at all. I am 100% sane and disease free. It was my dream to marry a Caucasian woman because I grew up having Amerisian friends (half American and half Asian) who looks very gorgeous. Asian genes combined perfectly with Caucasian genes. So, if you are a couple who cannot conceive and would like to find a sperm donor, let me know as I am interested to donate. Contact me anytime or tell your friends if you know someone who needs a donor.

Thank you for reading.

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