The spam posts are getting totally out of hand. The 6 most recent posts in this group are obvious spam posts. It seems like once the crazy censoring stopped it is at the point where the majority of recent posts are spam and that is making this site virtually useless.
Some possible solutions:
Make it so only certified members can post, reply to a post or DM members. Since not being certified already excludes members from posting nude pics it seems that this would be easy to implement.
An exception to a certified only policy should include non certified but paid members. Pretty safe to assume that the spammers won't pay to post their spam, and if they do, it benefits the site a little.
Maybe create a special group for the spam posters to post in. You could call it Spamorama or something like that. That way the decrepit old farts can still fantasize about all the beautiful young women or hot young studs wanting to exchange nude pics or chat with them.

These two things would probably eliminate well over 90% of the spam posts while not cutting off too many legitimate posters. I am sure that there may be a very few legitimate members that would be affected by these rules, but that would be a small price to pay to keep this site for what it is intended.

While it is obvious that not much moderation is done here, since the business model of this site does not really justify it, having policies in place to keep the site running smoothly for what it was intended for would lessen the load on the owners of this site and the sister site.

Somehow this site is deriving some revenue from the spam posts. If that is the case, this site is doomed.
While I don't expect a reply from the moderators, other than to possibly delete this post. What do other members think

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