Beer Drinkers Nudists

We like to be naked, and we like beer, so let's share our naked beer moments with all the rest of beer loving nudists. Get nude, take a beer and tell everybody you're having one of such special moments. At the beach, at the resort, while camping, or at home; but always in the nude! Cheers

Bowling in the Buff Wisconsin


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orlando anyone???

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Favorite pumpkin ale?

Now that's it's pumpkin ale time, at least by seeing the many, many choices in my local store, what's your favorite? Being from Ohio, I love Rivertown Pumpkin Ale, but that's hard to find here in Florida. This week I bought some...

Summer of beer

Now that the summer has been rolled into fall, I thought I would share my summer beer story. The local store closed which meant that I had to drive to the next village over to get my beer. The store that closed was very good at carrying my favorite...

Sacramento area

Anyone in Sacramento area?

New To The Group But Not Beer

I had my first beer at 14 and been drinking it ever since. I also drink hard liquor, but I love my beer. I like Budweiser and Miller High Life. I do not care for the Budweiser that has tomato juice in it though, as I think it taste nasty. And Steel...

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Palm Springs

So does anyone live near Palm Springs? We are Beer drinkers who love to camp and love drinking beer. Hope to know you! Kim and Nick

Xingu! You must try it!

So I was at this Brazilian restaurant and I tried this beer called Xingu! It is dark, very dark, black even, but very tasty and surprisingly sweet. Try it! Thank me later! :)

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Usual at Home Beer

What is your usual at home beer to drink for everyday purposes? Myself, I usually drink Busch, but sometimes splurge on Budweiser on the weekends. The local bars here have Bud and Busch for the same price, so I drink Buds when at the bars.


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