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We like to be naked, and we like beer, so let's share our naked beer moments with all the rest of beer loving nudists. Get nude, take a beer and tell everybody you're having one of such special moments. At the beach, at the resort, while camping, or at home; but always in the nude! Cheers

Now that the summer has been rolled into fall, I thought I would share my summer beer story. The local store closed which meant that I had to drive to the next village over to get my beer. The store that closed was very good at carrying my favorite cheap beer, Miller High Life, (NOT Miller Lite). This is a distinction you have to make in restaurants, they will bring you Lite every time. Miller High Life was one of the number one selling beers in the early 1970's before the "Lite" beer craze. Anyway, So now I'm wandering around the other stores in the area to find who carries High Life. I do like to try other beers, usually Newcastle or draft porters, Long trail. So I took this time to try and expand my beer horizons! This summer I tried Souther tier Porter, the long trail double bag, a chocolate Porter whose name escapes me and.... My number one new favorite second choice beer.. Oculto! There are many other beers I tried this summer and I probably should have made a list and taken notes, but the Oculto was very good. It is brewed on used tequila barrel staves. They also use the words "tequila infused" on the label. If you like beer and tequila give the Oculto a try. Just as an aside the wife refuses to buy it for me because of the scary label, Ha Ha!

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RE: Summer of beer

Sadly Our village pub closed last Autumn (Fall). When it was open We regularly drank Black Sheep real ale, brewed just a few miles away. Now I have to go into town for a night at the pub. So we're having our beer delivered. John Smiths extra smooth is a reliable canned beer:

I have been away in Southern Europe for various holidays through the summer and drink the local brew. Like many European beers I would call it Lager. But it's good when it's hot.

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