No Manscaping For Us

A group who doesn't believe in clipping or shaving body hair, especially pubic and ball hair. We believe in celebrating body hair! No friends only, private or empty profile. Must have a frontal full bush pic to be in group.

Most enjoyable places for hair...

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Hey guys,
I was wondering since we have a common belief in no manscaping, what is your favorite area of body hair?
Since I was a young man I always enjoyed armpit hair most.....not sure why but it's always been that way.
I don't discriminate the other areas of fur and enjoy them all but a nice bush under an arm is nice to see...

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RE:Most enjoyable places for hair...

My pubes, arm pit hair, and chest hair has always been rather sparse. And to add to that, all of my body hair has always been very fine and light colored. So, even the hair I have can be difficult to see. If you look through my images I've posted to my profile, you'll have some difficulty finding any hair.

Nonetheless, I like the hair I have. Part of who I am is my hair. I don't cut, trim, or shave any hair.

Part of being a naturist is fully accepting my body just the way it is -- including hair.

Since I do not really have much hair below the neck, I tend to be more fond of the hair I have from the neck up.

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RE:Most enjoyable places for hair...

A furry butt is so beautiful. Sadly, I know many guys with one who shave it or trim it. There is some shame about having a hairy butt, I have heard many guys talk badly about their furry butt. So sad. I only have a bit of hair around my butt hole and some very light hair on the crack. I do wish I had a furry bum...100%, Grass is greener?

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RE:Most enjoyable places for hair...

I have hair that grows around my hole but not much on my butt cheeks.

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RE: Most enjoyable places for hair...

I have very little body hair. Furthermore, the body hair I have is fine and light colored. From much of a distance, someone would probably think I don't have any. I have a countable number of chest hairs -- same with arm pits -- and very little pubic hair.

And those are the places I'd most like to have lots of thick dark hair -- chest, underarms, and pubic region.

Nothing to be concerned about, I'm totally ok with my body exactly how it is. In the same manner, I like my house, but enjoy dreaming about things I'd like to do to it -- like remove a lot of the internal walls.

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