No Manscaping For Us

A group who doesn't believe in clipping or shaving body hair, especially pubic and ball hair. We believe in celebrating body hair! No friends only, private or empty profile. Must have a frontal full bush pic to be in group.

Proud of my hair

Sadly the hair on my head has almost disappeared but my body is hairy all over. I love being hairy, I have never trimmed anywhere, its going a little grey now but I still love the feeling of it on my body. Just uploaded a couple of photos to the...

Young Guys + Back Hair

It's great to be party of a virtual community that supports our natural looks! While body hair is making a comeback, back hair still carries a stigma for some -- especially for younger men. I'm only recently comfortable showing off my back...

Love my thick bush of dick hair

I'm naturally very smooth but do have a thick bush of pubic/dick hair. I would never shave or trim it - maybe particularly since I'm so smooth otherwise. I love running my fingers through it. I also love that when I zip up my pants/trousers...

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Pubic Hair

For me there is nothing more enjoyable than my pubic hair. It feels so wonderful to stoke it and feel its softness against my hand. I am glad I will not conform to others who want me to shave it. I love my bush and very proud of it.

Proud Of My Pubes

I lovemy nice hairy bush, am proud of it, would never do anything to change or modify it (not even a'trim'). I like it wild and hairy, the way it was meant to be. What's more, I'm proud being a nudist, so others can see and...

Nature's Picture Frame

Our bodies are beautiful, they're God's masterpiece of creation and each one of us is a work of art, right? Of course, penises are a very special part of our anatomy, deserving of extra attention. To parallel the "work of art"...

bush men

I may not have much (naturally pretty smooth here) but proud as hell to leave what I got right where it belongs, and hell yes to all of you dudes who do the same

A New Identity

It is sad to think that it became deplorable for the majority of men to have a full bush, and shaving them became the standard. Now a days we are subject to disdain because we choose to display our groins as they should be seen. I think we should...

Bush maintenance - Conditioner

Gday Fellas Does anyone else use hair conditioner on their bush to keep it soft and tangle free? Tony