No Manscaping For Us

A group who doesn't believe in clipping or shaving body hair, especially pubic and ball hair. We believe in celebrating body hair! No friends only, private or empty profile. Must have a frontal full bush pic to be in group.

Group is growing....

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I want to take this opportunity to welcome some of the new members. Were happy to have more joining the brotherhood of non scapers. Men who celebrate every body hair whether peach fuzz or full on bear.

I have not had many photo submissions from newer members. I encourage you to proudly display your full bushes, fuzzy butts, furry chests, hairy backs and those pits should be proudly included in that grouping.

Lets make a hair celebration. We are celebrating the unscaped bodies. We dont need to trim, shave or share those pics with nudist and hair pride.


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RE:Group is growing....

Im proud of all my hairy bits, its all over and apart from my head and face its never seen any clippers.

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