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Excited Gardening This Year

I have started seeds indoors. Some of the seeds are starting to sprout. I have to work on the garden to double its size and level it out. Love to work on the garden naturally. Anyone willing to help? ;)

How is your garden doing and having hard...

I have been working in my garden nude and the rain we get comes in inches per hour. The garden looks ok but all the water washed away any loose soil around plants. Had mole come burrowing thru and water comes rushing in thru the tunnel. These rain...

Total garden re-work ... any experience?

I have been working hard to save my garden from varied bugs & fungus; the bugs are at bay and the fungus is slowly but steadily taking over. My small tomato crop is suffering a bad case of late blight, the peppers are more or less holding ground,...

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Open Naked Gardens

Hi..where and when are there any open days at UK public gardens for naked attenders..? Summer looming so there must be some planned..

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Good year foe gardening!

We have weekly rain this year in Texas. If your not from texas, you need to know we have drought and wet cycles. After several years of drought we are having a wet year, which I expect every 20 or 25 years. Hopefully it will continue and I will have...

new friends

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Hows your nude gardening progressing?

The summer weather has been just about perfect here so most all the gardening activities have been done nude. My garden, or even just the collection of pots, has been producing well. Theres been multiple peppers, a few tomatoes, zucchini getting...

World Naked Gardening Day

Today is World Naked Gardening day and if you are like me most warm days this time of the year you can find me out in the garden naked. To make it special I try to encourage someone new to the lifestyle to join my wife and I. I've had limited...

Chayote squash - does anyone plant them?

I mention the chayote squash as it is supposedly easy to grow; that has not been my experience. I had a great vine at my last house but the bulldog literally dug it up & ate it. All of it, vine, roots & the chayotes themselves. It was a real PITB as...

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Any other Aussies on here?

I am @xgypsybellax on both Twitter and Instagram Everyone welcome

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by Celticman54