Nude Gardeners

A group for fellow gardeners from around the world.

Garden finally coming together

Moved to Palm Springs 10 months ago and have spent most of the time getting the house in shape. Now I can concentrate on some naked gardening. Put in new bushes, a few citrus trees and lots of Mexican Bird of Paradise. Great to be able to hop in the...

Memorial Day Weekend

The good news is that I got to spend the last 3 afternoons naked in the garden. The pleasant temperatures, slight breeze and crystal clear skies were a dream come true. Then a solar shower and air dry on the deck and I felt like a new person. The...

Getting Started In Gardening

This for the group. What is best sources for getting started in gardening for the Newbies

first year

This past summer, I had my first opportunity to garden nude on a regular basis. Oh, I've been to an annual nude berry picking party for the past two or three years and occasionally found a chance to slip off my clothes in a garden from time to...