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Our first freeze is upon us

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Its early in the year for us but our first freeze is in the forecast. Were predicting 30-32F as lows for the next couple of days; thats brisk for us. My cabbage & collards are doing well & will stand the cold fine. But . . . my half dead tomatoes & peppers revived themselves after the heat spell broke and I now have four potted tomatoes, one bell pepper and two banana peppers all loaded with veggies. They were just hauled into the shop for the next few days waiting for warmer weather. The peppers are ripening nicely while the tomatoes are a little slow. It doesnt matter, Ill wait & eat them anyway! And, Ill make sure I eat them while nude, just to keep it in the correct spirit. LOL.

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RE:Our first freeze is upon us

4F here this morning, but I have a new crop of greens started in the aeroponic garden.

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