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Trail of Clothing?

Is anyone else so eager to undress when you get home that you remove your clothes when walking through the house, leave them there and pick them up later? I used to do that, especially when getting home from work or an evening meeting or rehearsal....

Getting rid of the dirtbags

I agree that the site is not as naturist friendly as it should be and far too many fakes abound in the membership rolls; I have seen very few real suggestions regarding the best way to clean up the site. The only concrete suggestion was to use...

Post Count

I have made 9 posts in the past day and a half but my post count has not changed. Has anyone else noticed the same thing happening to them?


I believe that the title under the name on a post ( textile, barefoot...) related to the number of posts the member has made. Curious as to how may posts each title represents. Also wonder why there is a rank for undies only as I believe many...

The Christmas Tree Pic

One of the most common types of pictures I have seen in profiles is posing with a Christmas tree. Is there a reason why naturists feel the strong desire to have their portrait with this holiday icon? Is it the reflection of the Christmas tree glow...

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Ancient Olympics

We all know that the athletes competed, trained and received their awards nude. I wonder if they dressed at all during the Olympic timeframe or just stayed nude (unless it got too cold at night). Has anyone else had the same thought? Does anyone...

Certified Yes or no?

Hi, I believe I am a certified user. I have made it through the certification proces and my profile says I am certified. But there are some feautures I still cant use because TN tells me I am not certified, for instance broadcasting/ camming. Of I...

Warning neighbors

How many of you tell neighbors about your nude activities. Only time I did was when a new neighbor, widowed older gentleman, move in next door. When I went over to introduce myself, he mentioned that he liked to leave his back yard lights on after...

PM Archive

Does anyone know if the private message archive works? Each recipients thumbnail shows the total number of posts weve made but I can only ever see the last few ones Thanks in advance

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